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Provides you what other students pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars to private university recruiters and their agents.



Use our free college & university placement service for international students!  We make university and college admission easy and guaranteed...


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Besides being FREE, you need this service if you:


DO not know where to start or which university or college to choose


HAVE no specific preference and it does not matter which specific university or college, so long as it is accredited, affordable and in the United States



SUFFER from information overload! Too much information about colleges or universities, programs and requirements to process.



ARE not sure if your chosen colleges or universities will fit your educational and financial needs


WANT confidence that your degree will be accepted and recognized anywhere in the world and

ARE paying too many application fees.    


If You are an International Student...

It is in your best interest to avoid the worries, disappointments and problems associated with admission to unfamiliar American Universities.


You must know what you need to do, why, tuition costs, when and how long it will take to get admitted and what to do after you get admitted.


We do all the work to get you admitted.


You pay all university/college fees directly to the university, you never pay us.


We get you admitted in no time at all.


We save you thousands of dollars by avoiding bad choices and costly universities.


Yes, we also save you money on application fees in the long-run.


Many foreign students s will tell you that getting admitted to accredited American colleges or universities is not easy, and can be filled with many surprises, expenses, delays, problems and disappointments.


Since 1993, we have offered this FREE University Placement Service which has assisted thousands of foreign students from all over the world to gain admissions into accredited American universities and colleges, and receive a college education they can afford and believe in!



YES! we can help you save $100's in application fees and $1000's more in other costs & lots of TIME & find the "Best Fit" college or university for your needs!


But do not use this service if YOU:

  HAVE already selected the colleges or universities you want to attend;  

HAVE a specific college or university in mind;


SEE MONEY as no problem... does not matter how much a college or university costs;


ALREADY understand the American college/university system and how their admission, operation and other policies work;


ARE already guaranteed to get a Student Visa for the United States;


HAVE a lot of time to read through thousands of internet pages of university brochures exaggerating their quality of service and programs.



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"I graduated from a fine American university in Boston, thanks to this incredibly simple  placement service.  Not only was the service free, it was very professional and extremely helpful!  I admitted in less than one month." Liz James attended a university in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 


Use this Free University Placement Service... and get many benefits!



Save hundreds of dollars on application fees.


One-stop shopping for accredited American universities and colleges you can trust.


No need to contact several colleges or universities, wasting time and money, sometimes waiting months for a reply.


Accurate and complete information on selected American colleges & their accreditation, programs, costs, policies and what to expect, when you enroll.


You focus on funding the college or university that most clearly fits your needs.


You can focus on doing the many tasks needed to get ready for your overseas study.

  Simply complete our Free Placement Application, follow the instructions and we do the rest.  

Who Should Use this Service?


International Students Who


Feel overwhelmed by too much information to process.


Want quick and successful university admission decision as a international student.


Want to save hundreds of $$$ on university and college application fees.


Want to avoid disappointment in your college selection.


Experience difficulties getting college or university admission on your own.


Want affordable low cost institutions, in the United States, that will fit your budget.


Wish to pursue associate, bachelors, masters, doctoral, and professional degrees in American.


Wish to study for American online degrees.


Have tried and failed to get university admission.


Do not know where to start to look for admission.


Do not have the time to do the admissions research and follow-up.


Are American students and wish to study in each others' country.


The University Placement  Service will save you valuable time and hundreds of dollars in university application fees and will definitely simplify your search process for studying in America. Saving time and cutting down on your college search activities will definitely help you focus more on the other necessary tasks involved in actually immigrating to America, such as Student Visa, scholarships, financial aid for international students and more.


This FREE service provides you what other students pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars to private university recruiters and their  agents!

"The University Placement Service delivered what it promised. It got me admitted in no time at all and at no cost to me, except for the $60 Admission Application fee paid to University.  I completed my Masters degree in Biochemistry at a university in Ontario, Canada.  I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to save time, money and get into a university that is accredited and treats foreign students well.  My sister got accepted at an American university for the 2008 academic year, thanks to the free University Placement Service." J.  Humujini completed her bachelors degree in business administration at a university in British Columbia, Canada.


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“Today anyone can access information about colleges and universities through the Internet or glossy university brochures. Unfortunately, those internet marketing web pages and glossy university brochures do not tell near enough about the institutions they promote. Sadly too often, international students enroll, based only on what they read on the internet, in fancy brochures or words of university recruiters. By the time they start classes, it is already too late—and stuck with huge bills, wrong programs, poor campus housing and services and unfriendly environments for which they did not bargain.


“Parents, students and school counselors should not depend solely on the Internet, university brochures and College Fairs to choose which college or university to attend.


“Those sources are in the business of promoting their own colleges and universities, and do not provide objective analyses of what goes on behind the scenes, on college campuses, admissions, financial aid and Visa processing offices”.  Dr. Hilroy A. Thomas, is a service mark of Thomas Brown Group, LCC.  All products and services mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies. All information contained herein is from sources considered reliable. We have a strict Privacy Policy.  Problems regarding the website operations should be directed to:

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